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I'm serious about editing — but not too serious to enjoy a good laugh over it!

Aspects of the Editing Process:

Let’s talk about what seems like top-secret information! Learn the difference between proofreading and copy editing, and gain insight into the typical processes of a freelance editor and a publishing house. We’ll discover what it means to be “serious about editing… but not too serious to enjoy a good laugh over it!”

Proofread with Excellence (Proofreaders’ Lingo):

In this lighthearted, hands-on workshop, we’ll have fun mastering all those puzzling proofreaders’ marks. As writers, you may see these marks during the pre-publication proofing stage, in style manuals, or from an editor prior to submitting your manuscript to an agent or publisher. Let’s decode some of the most useful ones together, and I’ll give you a tool that will save you time, should you have a need to use these markings in the future.